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 Minirals/Metals And Descriptions

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PostSubject: Minirals/Metals And Descriptions   Minirals/Metals And Descriptions Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 2:54 pm

Description: The Rarest Substance in the Galaxy, it has the power to heal brain disease's, but if not for healing, it can kill and also be used to control someones mind
Worth: 50,000 Credits/Ton

Description: used in the construction of Capitalships, this is one of the rarest Metals in the Galaxy
Worth: 10,000 Credits/Ton

Description: Used in the construction of Droids, Vehicles, and Starships, this is another rare metal, not as rare as Bronzium
Worth: 5,000 Credits/Ton

Description: Used in everything, this is the most common Metal in the galaxy
Worth: 1,000 Credits/Ton
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Minirals/Metals And Descriptions
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