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 Force Moves

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PostSubject: Force Moves   Force Moves Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 3:10 pm

Force Powers
(There is a limit to two force moves a turn)
(Jedi can not surpass level 7)

Level 0:
No Powers

Level 1:
Force Push (10 Dmg)
Force Pull (15 Dmg)

Level 2:
Lightsaber Cut (20 Dmg)
Minor Lightsaber Block (Blocks 50% of Blaster Dmg for that turn)

Level 3:
Force Heal (Heals Player by 10 each turn untill healed)
Lightsaber Jab (30 Dmg)

Level 4:
Lightsaber Block (Blocks All Blaster Dmg for that turn)
Force Protect (Adds 50 Health to you or a player, npc, or item of your choice)

Level 5:
Lightsaber Throw (80 Dmg)
Force Absorb (Absorbes all lightsaber moves lvl 5 and below for the next 2 turns)

Level 6:
Force Conceal (Can Conceal a weapon to get into a prison, no matter what security level)
Force Piece (Stops all fighting in the area unless the person using this move attacks)

Level 7:
Head Cut (100 Dmg)
Force Reflect (Reflects all Force, Lightsaber, and Blaster Moves back at the person for the next 2 turns)

Level 8:
Minor Force Lightning (50 Dmg)
Minor Force Combust (75 Dmg)

Level 9:
Force Combust (90 Dmg)
Double Power (Doubles the power of the move Force Protect for 4 moves)

Level 10:
Force Lightning (150 Dmg)
Force Drain (Drains Enemy Heath by 10 and adds 10 Health to yours every turn untill enemy is dead)
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Force Moves
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