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 Galactic Map/Travel

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PostSubject: Galactic Map/Travel   Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:47 pm

Deep Core-Deep Core (1 Hour)
Deep Core-Inner Rim (8 Hours)
Deep Core-Hutt Space (12 Hours)
Deep Core-Exspansion Region (16 Hours)
Deep Core-Pirate Space (20 Hours)
Deep Core-The Void (18 Hours)

Inner RIm-Hutt Space (8 Hours)
Inner Rim-Exspansion Region (8 Hours)
Inner Rim-Pirate Space (10 Hours)
Inner Rim-The Void (14 Hours)

Hutt Space-Exspansion Region (1 Day)
Hutt Space-The Void (18 Hours)
Hutt Space-Pirate Space (6 Hours)

The Void-Rushi Maze (4 Hours)
The Void-Outer Rim (5 Hours)

Rushi Maze-Outer Rim (7 Hours)
Rushi Maze-Kamino (2 Hours)
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Galactic Map/Travel
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