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 Claiming Planets/Conquering Factions

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PostSubject: Claiming Planets/Conquering Factions   Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:13 pm

To Claim a planet:

1. No ships other than your own or allied ships can be there
--A. If the other ships are from a faction that disbanded the planet, you dont have to destroy them

2. All land forces must be destroyed
--A. If the land forces are from the faction that disbanded the planet, you dont have to destroy them

3. When a planet is captured or claimed, its income increases by 1,000 Credits

4. If the planet does not like your type of government, you must wait 2 Days before being allowed to collect income on it.

To Claim a Faction:

1. You cant just inharet all of there forces (No Captureing there capital wont change this)
--A. Unless all of there planets are captured and all of there members are dead
--B. You capture the leader and they give them to you

2. To Claim a faction you must take every planet and kill or capture every member.
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Claiming Planets/Conquering Factions
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