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A Starwars Universe that is in a dark time, play as either the Empire, Jedi, or Galactic Alliance in this Text Based RPG
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 Geniral Rules

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PostSubject: Geniral Rules   Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:44 pm

Geniral Rules Version 1.0

1. Dont Uber
(No Ubering, such as dont be like "I have an Artificial Inteliggence in all of my ships, i use it to destroy all captured ships")

2. No Double Accounting
(You cant have 2 Accounts under any sercumstance unless you are an admin, in wich case you have one account for admining, and one for playing the game)

3. No Double Charactoring
(You cant have 2 charactors)

4. No God Modding
("A Womrhole opened up and destroyed all of your ships, I WIN")

5. Follow all rules
(Follow all rules)

6. You must be there
(You must be somewere to participate in something that is happening, unless you are there as a Hologram messenge thing)

7.Obey the Admins
(When someything is Final, its Final)
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Geniral Rules
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